How often do you look at your watch to check the time during the day? You won't probably know, as most of the times you may just check your phone.

This makes smartphones a clear example of disruption coming from outside the watch industry, which actually have a direct impact on it.

Besides their functionality, watches have always conveyed a social status, passed onto the next generations to symbolize timelessness and sense of belonging. Within the luxury sector, it is still the case, and luxury brands are revisiting their timepieces to maintain their desirable aura, but at the same time crafting new models to engage younger crowds. Following this, the "watch" is still a collectors' favorite object, and the second-hand market is becoming more and more profitable.

However, in contrast to that, digital native brands are proliferating to offer younger generations of fashion accessories, which happen to tell time. Every day, social media play with Millennial brands, building empires for some and pushing back others. How to remain relevant depends on how fast you can keep innovating the products and engaging the audience.

Join us and our panelists from the watch industry with different backgrounds, from luxury brands to digital native brands and watch experts, articulating a discussion about trends within the sector and new disruptors.


  • NG

    Nicola Giglio

    Company Director of Belton China Limited

  • QL

    Quinn Lai

    Founder & Director of EONIQ

  • MN

    Mario Nobile

    Creative Director of KLASSE14

  • BP

    Bruce Pye

    Managing Director of Pure Performance Distribution Limited

  • MR

    Massimo Romagno

    International Brand Manager at TIME MANAGEMENT Services



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