Nowadays design is widening its field of interest from the study of simple material objects and functional aesthetic shapes to the field of services (ameliorating objects’ interactions by creating leaner coordination) and to the field of social design. Social design faces the theme of projects through initiatives that do not merely respond to product criteria, but they also push the action of the product into the market. Here confrontation on how to increase the quality of people’s life takes place, and what else is the aim of design, if not increasing the quality of life itself?

In fact, more than dealing with the objects themselves, design now deals more and more with systemic actions, connecting people and objects on an individual basis as well as a social body.
What the seminar will try to delineate is the future of design, discussing its systemic approach to the newest trends and needs as required by today’s market.


  • Pierluigi Carcerano (Founder of La Carcerano Creative Engineering)

    Pierluigi Carcerano

    Founder of La Carcerano Creative Engineering

    Born in 1952, he got his master’s degree in Architecture – Politecnico of Turin (Faculty of Architecture) and began his work at the Lancia Engineering department. Carcerano founded in 1980 his service and design Company in Italy in the areas of Automotive, Transportation Design, Industrial Design, Architecture and Communication.

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  • Laura Ciuffi (Technical Director of FUTURE DESIGN)

    Laura Ciuffi

    Technical Director of FUTURE DESIGN

    Born in 1966, she got her master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and specialization postmaster’s degree in Architecture. She has been referent and coordinator of various European and National Research Projects and was in charge for Trenitalia, Italian State Railway, for the European Research Project EU-CAB.

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(including wine and Italian style happy hour)

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(including wine and Italian style happy hour)

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