The Italian Chamber of Commerce invites you to join Gucci from March 22-26 at its “A Magazine curated by Alessandro Michele featuring Petra Collins” Exhibition.
The exhibition premieres in Hong Kong and will showcase the works of renowned emerging artist and photographer Petra Collins. The space of the exhibition opens into three specific zones revealing art pieces and inspiring visuals that resemble the revival world of Gucci Alessandro Michele has created. Beginning with the exploration of the fashion guru’s artistic realm, the journey moves on into a photographic world of Petra Collin that signify Gucci’s aesthetic world. Last but not least, the last zone innovatively transforms the exhibition into a cinematic experience as a 3-minute moving image culminates the finale of the exhibition.
Members of our Chamber are invited to join a private tour Saturday March 25 at 1PM. Attendees will also receive a special gift from Gucci.
To take part in the tour, please subscribe your participation via e-mail or on our website.