Myanmar has been well perceived as the last frontier tiger market in Asia. Multinational companies and numerous SMEs have been entering into this market for the last couple of years to take the first movers advantage. And in October 2016, USA has completely released the sanction off Myanmar. This has given corporations a clear indication that Myanmar is finally open up.
With a population of approximately 60m people, opportunities from consuming market, retail, F&B, hospitality to real estate industries etc are basically every where. And for you, are you missing opportunities in this golden land or can you still catch the boat to come in?
Mfg Holdings Ltd was established in 2011 and have developed numerous real estate projects in Myanmar. They have now more than 15 projects on the pipeline and will continue their expansion in various prospective.
In this seminar, you will get to know:
– 5 facts you do not know about Myanmar
– What are the key countries investing in Myanmar
– 5 Reasons why pioneer investors invest in real estate in Myanmar