Is it any wonder that backers and creators alike are dubbing blockchain crowdfunding the future of investing? Crowdfunding is a method for small companies to finance the establishment and development of their business — an unorthodox method, compared to the traditional stock exchange IPO. This approach helps many projects get more, faster, and lower-cost funding than they can achieve otherwise.

Join us this inspirational seminar to know more about how Initial Coin Offerings have brought a solution to all the traditional issues related to financing for new businesses.


  • Filippo Buzzi (Head of Italian Desk at Fidinam (Hong Kong) Limited)

    Filippo Buzzi

    Head of Italian Desk at Fidinam (Hong Kong) Limited

    During his career, Filippo has worked in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Mainland China and finally Hong Kong. After graduating at University of Trieste in Italy, he studied in both London (University of London) and Amsterdam (IBFD) where he has built is competence in international taxation. Filippo is bilingual in Italian and English.

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  • Alessio Quaglini (Managing Director of Arepo Capital)

    Alessio Quaglini

    Managing Director of Arepo Capital



(including Italian-style lunch buffet)

Standard Price HKD 180

(including Italian-style lunch buffet)

Standard Price HKD 250