Can “Headhunters” help you gain professional visibility more efficiently?

Building up your career surely takes time and effort. Executive search professionals could help you gain better access to the job market and knowledge about openings that normally are not advertised, contributing to your long-term career goals.

Join the seminar to learn how to step up your game in planning your career and get answers about:

- Do’s and don’ts in your relationship with headhunters, and what to expect
- How headhunters can help you spot career opportunities
- Which firms are more suitable for your profile
- How to build your resume and gain visibility with potential employers and through social media
- Privacy and importance of your personal data


  • Giuseppe Milito (Managing Partner at Stones International)

    Giuseppe Milito

    Managing Partner at Stones International



(including Italian Aperitivo)

Standard Price HKD 150

(including Italian Aperitivo)

Standard Price HKD 250