Financial management is one of the most crucial fields in managerial economics, as it deals with the capacity of an enterprise to face cash outflows while maintaining its economic and financial equilibrium. Among the many variables involved, for example, the timing of the cash flows is as important as their dimension.

With this seminar, the Italian Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Vittorio De Angelis of Velotrade, intends to explore some of the main branches of financial management, in order to provide useful tips, with a special focus on Small and Medium Enterprises.

In detail, Vittorio will cover the challenges and causes from lack of cash in SMEs, the theory of Free Cash Flows and their components, the comparison between SMEs, large corporates and multinational corporations in their opportunities to access credit, before concluding with the exposition of some solutions both financial and non-financial.

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  • Vittorio De Angelis (Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Velotrade)

    Vittorio De Angelis

    Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Velotrade



(including Italian-style lunch)

Standard Price HKD 180

(including Italian-style lunch)

Standard Price HKD 250