Which are the conditions that most affect growth? How can firms maintain a sustained level of growth for many years? And which are the most common mistakes capable of undermining the fundamentals of growth?

Today the Italian Chamber of Commerce will have the pleasure to host Andrew Brent from Think Again Growth Limited, author of "The Growth Director's Secret", which was shortlisted in the UK for the CMI's Management Book of the Year Award 2018 and the Business Book Awards 2018.

At this event, Andy will talk about some of the topics in his book, with especial reference to China, which takes the latest research in neuroscience and looks at lessons for consumers, brands and marketers. In detail, we'll discuss:

  • The Growth Paradox: the strange fact that, despite its crucial importance to medium/long-term success, only around 10% of companies grow profitably for any sustained period. We'll explore the organisational/cultural factors that contribute to this strange paradox and how these can be avoided.
  • The Focus Failure, in other words, how companies often fail to differentiate between low-potential and high-potential customer groups, the common segmentation mistakes that lead to this huge inefficiency, and how to get customer targeting right.
  • The Big Growth Mistake, namely the common failure of understanding about how consumers make purchase decisions and choose between brands that cause many companies to sub-optimize their growth potential, and how new insights emerging from the world of neuroscience are revolutionising the way companies position themselves to grow profitably.


  • Andrew Brent (Founding Partner at Think Again Growth)

    Andrew Brent

    Founding Partner at Think Again Growth



(including Italian aperitivo)

Standard Price HKD 160

(including Italian aperitivo)

Standard Price HKD 230


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