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Evidence-Based Management is a framework for measuring value and enabling improvement and agility. Agility can be viewed as the organisation's capability to deliver value to its customers continuously. Leaders such as CTOs, Product Managers, and Technical Managers are key to the success of their product and the teams that they serve, and need to have the right tools and practices more than ever to help measure and improve their organisation continuously.

In this webinar, we will look at building a responsive, adaptable organisation with Evidence-Based Management as it applies to change management. You will learn to define your problems, identify and measure the actions responsible for those problems, and then set goals for regular inspection and correction. We will also share examples of how this EBM approach to problem-solving is more effective than overly relying on your "gut feeling", enlightening the Hippos in the room and breaking the old-school way of problem-solving. There is a better way, and it's evidence-based.


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